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Tuesday 22. Dec 2015
TEKA wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
»The future depends on what we do in the present.«
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Thank you very much for the good cooperation and the interesting conversations in the past year!
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please note that our company will be closed from 24 December 2015 till 3 January 2016. From 4 January 2016 on the whole TEKA team will be there for you and your requests again!

Tuesday 15. Dec 2015
TEKA congratulates Grunewald on "energy innovative" award
Manufacturer of extraction units was involved as one of three cooperation partners in the project

Big Applause for the Grunewald GmbH from Bocholt: during the solemn grant of the innovation award Munsterland in Münster the TEKA partner has recently received the award in the "energy innovative“ category.
The company from Bocholt that produces mouldings and tools for the automotive and aviation industries as well as small lots and prototypes for castings was honoured for its
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Tuesday 24. Nov 2015
"A technically very sophisticated device"
Blechexpo: New LFE makes the visitors’ hearts beat faster

This year the trade fair duo SCHWEISSTEC / BLECHEXPO achieved strong growth at all levels. TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH also drew a positive balance after taking part again in these trade fairs.

"The feedback was extremely positive. A lot of well-known faces visited us at our stand as well as new potential customers. Thanks to the cooperation with Schweißtechnik Oerlikon Wirth visitors interested in welding
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A strong team: Schweißtechnik Oerlikon Wirth and TEKA welcomed a lot of visitors at their stand.
Zahlreiche Besucher informierten sich über die vielseitige Absaugtechnik von TEKA.

Monday 03. Aug 2015
Invested in safe and clean plasma cutting
Conferdo uses filter system with rotary gate valve and big-bag disposal In the course of the construction of a cutting components centre Conferdo needed a cutting and extraction system designed for the production of complex and fastidious components. The company decided on a multifunctional plasma cutting unit of the MG series by MicroStep and an extraction and filter unit ZPF 9H with rotary gate valve and big-bag disposal by TEKA. The plasma cutting unit with a working surface of
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The plasma cutting unit provides a very high cutting and perforation quality.
The 3D tube and profile machining rates among the wide range of tasks of the multifunctional cutting unit.

Saturday 11. Jul 2015
Systematically pure air
Amazone has integrated energy-saving torch welding extraction into the production

Metal-processing companies can directly include the planning of ventilation systems when building a new hall. But what kind of extraction and filter technology can be successfully integrated into the existing production, which individually protects employees against emissions and is extremely energy-saving?

This is the question that Hilmar Heitmann, project engineer at Amazone at the main production
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The "FILTERCUBE" is placed outside of the production zone in a space-saving manner.

Thursday 02. Jul 2015
Dust loading at Grunewald is far below limit values
Measurements at TEKA filter units show positive results

The extraction and filter units by TEKA passed the test successfully. Measurements of the Institute for Environmental Protection ANECO in the foundry of the Grunewald GmbH in Bocholt have shown: the dust emissions released into the environment are far below the legal limit values.

The supplier for the automotive and aviation industry has modernized its foundry and at the same time put the sand preparation on a new footing. Eight
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Friday 26. Jun 2015
Excision at the "National Manufacturing Week“ in Melbourne
OEM partner presents a TEKA product series as its own trade mark for the first time

The long-standing TEKA OEM partner Excision Saws & Supplies has recently taken part in the "National Manufacturing Week“ in Melbourne which is Australia's biggest platform for innovations in the production and manufacturing technology.

For the first time the company has presented some mobile extraction and filter units by TEKA as its
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Monday 01. Jun 2015
TEKA and Swift-Cut Automation join forces
New cooperation partner from England
A new partnership has been sealed: In future TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie will cooperate with Swift-Cut Automation from Great Britain, a well-known manufacturer of cutting units for workshops. That is what owner Neil Smith and TEKA general manager Erwin Telöken decided recently during a visit of the English company to Weseke. Products of Swift-Cut Automation include cutting units with the dimensions 1250
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Wednesday 06. May 2015
Enormous fan gathering speed in Poland
CNH relies on layered ventilation with fresh air supply by TEKA

With a weight of half a ton and a height of 2.4 metres it is a real chunk. The 55-kW fan with its sound insulation housing and filter technology has recently started its 1,000 kilometres journey from Velen to Poland. Its destination: CNH Industrial in Plock. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machines and it needed new extraction technology for a part of its plant equipped with numerous
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Due to lack of space CNH Industrial opted for a layered ventilation system with displacement diffusers and fresh air supply.
The extraction units as well as the fan are located on a second level of the production hall.

Tuesday 05. May 2015
Pure air when welding large components
TEKA presents new extraction unit for welding shops working with large components

How can welders be protected against hazardous particles in the air when working with large components at frequently changing workplaces? Extraction and filter units that capture the polluted air precisely and filter it are the solution. But conventional mobile units are often unhandy and not powerful enough. The new "varioCube" is different.

With the unit from the "FILTERCUBE" series TEKA presents an
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Thursday 30. Apr 2015
Thousands of future welders learn at TEKA partner
Weldability-Sif opened new traning centre in England

TEKA general manager, Erwin Telöken and export manager Alfons Giebken were recently brought to England by a solemn occasion. The company Weldability-Sif which is known as the biggest distributor of products in the field of welding technology in Great Britain opened its new technology and training centre. Member of Parliament Sir Oliver Heald inaugurated it solemnly.

It is a future-oriented project. Similar to Germany, there is a
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Thursday 09. Apr 2015
A bit like coming home
Marcel Röttger returns to TEKA after his studies of mechanical engineering

It was a moment of great joy when Marcel Röttger came back to Velen after having successfully completed his studies of mechanical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) in Enschede in the Netherlands. Röttger, originally from Südlohn, completed his training as a draughtsman in 2011 (specialisation machine and plant engineering) at the manufacturer of extraction and filter units with the best possible grade. At
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Wednesday 18. Mar 2015
"Blue Competence" presents TEKA success stories
The sustainability initiative of the VDMA wants to bring together ideas

”Blue Competence” has presented several projects of TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie as success stories on its website. The sustainability initiative of the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association (VDMA) has committed itself to
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Monday 09. Mar 2015
"The shroud of fume was gone, the lungs were free"
Heinz-Geert Peters, general manager of Peters Stahlbau reports on his experiences with AIRTECH:

Building halls is a "dirty business". Everyone in the industry is familiar with the problem: A lot of welding fume and sanding dust is produced when processing big steel parts. A shroud of mist is spread everywhere in the hall, it is difficult to breathe. Health impairments such as nausea, headaches and problems with the lungs are a common result.
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Heinz-Geert Peters is very content with the AIRTECH that purifies the air while working with big devices. H.

Thursday 05. Mar 2015
Extraction units protect pupils during crafting
In Swiss Schools soldering and welding are included in the syllabus

The problem:
In Switzerland handicraft lessons are - similar to the technical lessons in some federal states in Germany - an integral part of the school day. In Laupen school in the canton of Berne pupils from grades 7 to 9 test their manual skills with a view to their future career choice. Apart from woodworking, soldering and welding are on the syllabus,too.

In the course of the rebuilding of existing crafts
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Pupils in the Swiss city of Laupen are now protected during their handycraft lessons.

Monday 02. Mar 2015
TEKA is nominated for award
Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation awards the prize for the 21st time

TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie is again nominated for the "Great Award for small and medium-sized enterprises" of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation. The company from Velen (Westphalia) has been proposed for the award by the parliament of North-Rhine-Westphalia, the Munster district government and the business development corporation of the district of Borken.

The Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation based in Leipzig awards the prize
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Wednesday 11. Feb 2015
Not only clean, but also warm
The extraction unit by TEKA with heating grids cleans and heats up the air in the hall

Creating a comfortable and at the same time pure indoor climate in industrial halls involves high costs, especially in the winter months. However, a pleasant room temperature is essential for the performance of the employees, the protection of temperature sensitive products and the smooth run of production processes. The central extraction and filter unit AIRTECH by TEKA provides an effective
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Wednesday 21. Jan 2015
New sales representative provides "the perfect solution"
TEKA in person: Michael Kneuer

TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie has extended its team: Michael Kneuer is the name of the new employee among the sales representatives. The 33-year-old represents the expert for clean air at the workplace in Germany's largest federal state, in Bavaria.

Here he informs customers and interested parties about the wide range of modern TEKA extraction technology and provides tailor-made solutions. Michael Kneuer from Lower Franconia knows what matters
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Thursday 15. Jan 2015
AIRTECHS become operational at minus 31 °C
Heating grids provide additional warmth/TEKA delivers its first high-performance extraction unit without piping to Russia

Leninogorsk on a January day. Father Frost has a tight grip on the city with 60,000 inhabitants. Hardly any of the inhabitants are outside. It is not surprising considering the temperature of minus 31 °C. The situation is different at the company Ros Neftekomplek where a hustle and bustle can be found. The workers and the management have gathered around a unit of
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TEKA employees had to deal with a lot of snow in Russia.
The assembly of the three AIRTECHs in Leninogorsk (Russia) went according to schedule despite the snow chaos.
The assembly of the three AIRTECHs in Leninogorsk (Russia) went according to schedule despite the snow chaos.
Visages souriants de l´équipe RosNefteKomplekt, TEKA commercial Johann Weinbender (5ième à droite) et technicien Mario Schneiders (à droite)